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De-Frag/Re-Wild – Wilderness Retreats

De-Frag / Re-Wild Wilderness RetreatsDe-Frag/Re-Wild – Wilderness Retreats

Wilderness retreats designed to re-connect you to wild nature and your authentic natural self. All set somewhere within the million hectares of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Wilderness.

The three and four day retreats will incorporate a unique fusion of Eco & Transpersonal Psychology methods and modalities all leading to deeper presence and awareness of self and place.

A whole body & mind experience, we will immerse ourselves in the presence and power of wild nature, letting go of our social constraints and stretching all of our senses like never before. We will calm our minds and sharpen both our own presence and awareness of our place and being.

Using the outer journey to go inward – into ourselves – we will work with a variety of possible processes within the group to help us all ‘let go’ so we may immerse ourselves as fully as possible into the unknown, where we will have the time and opportunity to stop – stop everything – so our authentic self may emerge and express itself through us. Through peace and stillness arises clarity and insight, leading to thought and action, ideas and expression; a fusion of both heart and mind.

De-Frag / Re-Wild Wilderness RetreatsParticipants need to be able to carry a backpack for one to two hours easy to medium grade walking to get in and out of the remote area site. Harder if all individuals are up to it. It’s not boot camp but a small level of fitness is needed. ‘Accommodation’ is in tents, under fly sheets or under a sandstone overhang. Those not used to ‘roughing it’ are more than welcome to attend. You will learn and love it.

Please email your interest and we’ll keep you informed of future dates.

The calendar is open for group bookings of four to seven people.

3 Day Retreat $350
4 Day Retreat $450
5 Day Retreat $550

Book in for two or more retreats and receive a 10% discount!
Bring a friend get 10% off.
Bring a group of four or more get 50% off your personal registration AND pick your own date!

INCLUDES scrumptious food, professional facilitation and remote area logistics/safety support.

MAXIMUM 7 participants.

Gary Caganoff De-Frag / Re-Wild Wilderness RetreatsFacilitated by Gary Caganoff who has 30 years wilderness experience, 10 years as a professional outdoor adventure guide, a Masters in Social Ecology (UWS), a Grad Dip in Transpersonal Psychology (The Crucible Centre). He has participated in scores of Transpersonal development workshops over the last 15 years as well as co-facilitated Vision Quests and personal development retreats in the Blue Mountains. He has a psychotherapy practice in the Blue Mountains, Australia.

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