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Tarkine – North West Tasmania 1993

longback_creekWhen you go to the forest and hear the screech of a wedge-tailed eagle look around for you shall meet her.

When you walk in the forest, when you climb-up-over and duck-on-under the green growth that bars your way, walk softly through the maze of trees. Look up. For you shall touch the light that forms the gentle jade which rests upon your face. Remember its warmth.

When you stand within the forest, breath deeply. Suck in the aromas of the Leatherwood and Sassafras, the dank earthiness of rotting logs. Breath deeper if it pleases you, for you have met the wind.

If you desire to know more about the wind, move up to the mountains. For that is where I am.

However if you stay, to stand within the forest, dig your toes in deep. Soon, lie down amongst the leaves and feel the earth beneath. Grasp it with your hands. Feel it against your shoulders, spine and buttocks. Concentrate on each individual leaf that touches your skin. Feel the dampness of the earth – the cool sensations that delight.

Roll over. Press your hands chest and pelvis to the floor.
Dig your fingers beneath the humus. Press your ear to it. Listen. Listen beyond your own heartbeat. Listen, for you will hear me.

When you cup the sweet water to your lips drink thoughtfully. Not thirstily. For you will miss the singing. All at once the creek sings. Each note perfect, each octave struck, like the eternal filling of a liqueur glass. Though a hundred times more sensual. Drink thoughtfully. Listen hard. For you can hear me.

When you can hear, then you shall see. If you are so close and still can’t see then the jaded light will strike you, slap you across the face to wake you. Here is where I linger most. This is where you’ll find me.



The battle to save the Tarkine from logging and mining continues. For more info go to


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